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Spiker Family Heirlooms


     Heirloom plants can be found throughout the Spiker Family Farm.  Many were grown by Gay Spiker from seeds that had been handed down from generation to generation.  Similarly, a variety of heirlooms can be found in our own garden at the Spiker Family Gathering Place.  Some are "true heirlooms," articles of antiquity that have been placed into our care by those that have long passed through this place.  Some are "hybrids," items that have been lovingly cultivated to marry the narratives of our past with the journals of our present.  And completing the garden landscape are new "subspecies," objects born from a desire to propagate the notions and ideas of this generation to those that will visit in the future. 

     It is our hope that others will join us in adding more "plantings" to our garden.  Let us know how you'd like to contribute and we'll be sure to stop by with our wheelbarrow and shovel to help you "dig" up something for the Spiker Family Garden.



This jug was decorated by Gay Spiker. She enjoyed covering old jugs, jars, etc. with seeds, papers and just about anything else she could find.

It has been used as a door stop in the household of Bob and Dean Spiker for many, many years.  (Update:  after Dean Spiker's death, the jug moved to their daughter, Melanie Spiker Fouse's, home.)


The chair  seen here was one of many that surrounded the dining room table at the Spiker farm. The seat has been re-caned.  This, and others like it, are in Dean Spiker's possession.  (Update: after Dean Spiker's death, each of her children received one of these cane chairs.)


Photos of a Wood Spirit and Walking Stick flank an image of the old Silo at the Spiker Family Farm.  Jeff Spiker hand-carved these pieces with wood from the Silo.


At Left -- Oil Painting on Canvas of the Swinging Bridge by Haley Conley, 2005.  

Below -- Wooden Memory Box by Melanie Spiker Fouse, 2006.  Lid is a wood burning of the Spiker Family Farm.  Aunt Alice Spiker "won" this item at the Spiker Reunion auction. 

Oil Painting on Canvas of the Spiker Farm by Cathy Spiker Gregis, 2006.



This set of 25 Christmas cards & envelopes, designed by Melanie Spiker Fouse, raised $160.00 at the 2011 Family Auction.  

Facebook comment from Melanie: "I combined a winter pic of the home my grandparents built and raised their family in with an extraction of the restored buggy my grandparents owned. In the horse and buggy pic, my cousin, Mark was driving but he was wearing shorts so I had to "put" pants on him and cut away the parts I couldn't "dress" in winter attire. Mark said the cards would have brought $300 if I'd left him in the picture! LOL!"



Sarah Spiker-Smith's framed copy of the card is displayed in her home at Christmas.

 In 2011 this family tree wall hanging, hand-crafted by Haley Conley-Cloughessy, brought the highest price of any item ever made or donated so far for the Family Auction -- $550!  It now hangs at the Spiker Farm.
 Wood burning of Geneva Haught's likeness, crafted by Melanie Spiker-Fouse and sold at the Family Auction.

Scan of Gay Spiker's Last Will & Testament as written in her personal diary.

June 23, 1944                                                         

I being of sound mind bequeath to my 7 and 2 children all my prayers for their salvation.  I bequeath to them all the results of a lifetime of toil.  I bequeath to them the Christian religion which has been some comfort to me and I hope may be a solace to them.  I bequeath to them a hope of a reunion where the parting of life is over. Share and share alike. May they have eternal riches. My wish is that they avoid my errors and copy anything that may have been worthy.  In the hands of God who made me and the Christ who redeemed me and the Holy Ghost who sanctified me I make this my last will and testament. Witness all the hosts of heaven. Witness Eternity. Signed, sealed on this day my 60th birthday.

Your loving mother, Gay Z Spiker

 Mark Spiker's framed photograph of the "Sophie Zinn House." Bradford and Alice Spiker purchased the “Sophie” house in 1947.  This is where they raised their four children. The Spikers still own the meadow across the road in front of house.  


The restored Spiker Buggy.
Photo submitted by Marilyn Spiker, 2009
Marilyn Spiker trains Beau to pull the Spiker Buggy
Photo submitted by Marilyn Spiker, 2009
Family Reunion 2010
Photo submitted by Mike Spiker, 2010
Taking turns riding in the buggy at the Reunion
Photo submitted by Mike Spiker, 2010



Located in Mark Spiker's home, this glass-top table was crafted using a wheel from the Spiker Buggy. The daffodils are from Grandma Gay's garden on the hillside at the Spiker farm.

Also shown here is Buckner Zinn's Magneto-Electric Machine for Nervous Diseases. Learn more about Buckner and his "medical miracle" in the February 2020 edition of the Gazette.






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